Day of Finnish Code

The Day of Finnish Code, 11 October

On 11 October (1110), we observe the Day of Finnish Code, celebrating Finnish software excellence and the fact that the sector is a significant job creator in Finland. At the same time, we wish to advertise that software business needs all kinds of people and that software companies come in all shapes and sizes across Finland.

The Day of Finnish Code is also part of Europe Code Week.

The date of 11 October was chosen because it can be written in binary – that is, in zeros and ones.

The Day of the Finnish Code is celebrated via the Nerd Live event and by giving out the Award for Promoting Finnish Code.

Award for Promoting Finnish Code

Every year on the Day of Finnish Code, the association gives out the Award for Promoting Finnish Code to a person who has excelled in promoting the Finnish software sector.

In 2023, the award was given to Matti Luukkainen and the Full Stack open, a free of charge course organised by the University of Helsinki since 2018.

Previous award-winners are Linda Liukas, Instagram-Jani, Juho Vepsäläinen, Teemu Roos, Ilkka Paananen, Aleksi Yrttiaho and Koronavilkku tracing app team, Elisa Heikura and Riku Rouvila.

Nerd Live

On five occasions, the association has organised Nerd Live, providing anyone with the opportunity to watch Finnish coders work their magic in real time online. For the first time in 2022, the event was arranged as a series of Ask Me Anything sessions.

Watch Nerd Live at nö (also as recordings).