Koodia Suomesta ry offers its members a variety of benefits. On this page, you can find a comprehensive list of all member benefits. We also announce new benefits in the member newsletter (in Finnish).

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Membership certificate

A digital membership certificate.

Code from Finland webinars and events

Upcoming webinars and other events can be found here.

Data Protection Annex

GDPR requires a written data protection annex (DPA) between the controller and the processor. The data protection annex prepared in collaboration with Bird & Bird offers a comprehensive and clear model to meet the regulation’s requirements. The annex is available to Code from Finland members free of charge.

Legal Advice from Yritysjuristi

The free legal advice service from Yritysjuristi provides a quick and efficient channel for companies and entrepreneurs for all legal matters and questions. The legal advice offered by Yritysjuristi is available by phone and email.

  • Free legal advice by phone and email is intended for the members of Koodia Suomesta ry.
  • The phone number for legal services is +358 404151116, and the email is Responses to inquiries are promised within 48 hours.
  • Legal assignments and the preparation and review of contracts and other documents are carried out as paid assignments.
  • The benefit is valid indefinitely.

Courses organized by Fraktio

Fraktio offers a 10% discount on its modern software development and design courses to corporate and partner members of Koodia Suomesta ry. The most popular courses include:

  • Finland’s toughest React training
  • Figma at a professional level
  • Basics of accessibility

Courses are organized for teams and organizations, and the packages are tailored according to needs.

  • The benefit is valid indefinitely.
  • Mention your membership when placing an order.

Bodymaja’s Body Composition Measurement

Bodymaja offers employees of member companies of Koodia Suomesta ry a 50% discount on the first body composition measurement and a 20% discount on all body composition measurement packages.

  • The benefit is valid indefinitely.
  • The benefit is intended for employees of member companies.
  • Use the following codes to redeem the benefit:
    • KOODIA50 – 50% off the first measurement at Bodymaja.
    • SUOMESTA20 – 20% off all measurement packages.

HeiaHeia’s Services

Do you organize exercise, step, or wellness campaigns for your staff, or are you perhaps considering an app to support healthy lifestyles, such as break exercises? HeiaHeia offers a proven comprehensive or partial solution, briefly described here: The renewed HeiaHeia is a wellness app for companies, already used by hundreds of different organizations. HeiaHeia has worked particularly well in IT companies, both small and large. More than 70% of service users significantly improve their wellbeing and report enhanced community spirit. The service allows you to promote several important workplace wellbeing themes in addition to physical activity, such as environmental responsibility, resilience, and mental wellbeing.

  • HeiaHeia offers the following member benefits to Koodia Suomesta ry member companies:
    • 10% off the first order
    • Free kickoff webinar (regular price €500) for new customers (S-package and above)
  • The offer applies to new customers.
  • Mention your membership when placing an order.
  • The benefit is valid indefinitely.

Trail Openers’ Digital Services Energy Consumption and Emission Calculation

CSRD is coming, and organizations need to be able to report on their services and the emissions they produce in much greater detail. Even if you are not yet subject to CSRD obligations, it is highly likely that your customers will start asking for this information over the next year. According to OP’s large company survey, more than 50% of respondents have already changed suppliers due to unmet sustainability obligations. Ensure now that you can meet the increasing sustainability demands of your customers and ask us for help.

  • We provide consulting services, such as surveys, baseline analysis, or Proof-of-Concept exercises, for the energy consumption and emission calculation of your digital environment and/or services. After this, we can consider goal setting, metrics, and a roadmap to achieve your goals.
  • As a member, you get a 10% discount on the first month’s bill.
  • Use the code: KOODIASUOMESTA to redeem the benefit.
  • The benefit is valid indefinitely.

Carbon Wise’s Carbon Footprint Calculation

Carbon footprint calculation is an easy, flexible, and affordable way for customers to assess their emissions and take a step towards climate-responsible operations. The results of the carbon footprint calculation can be used in various ways, including supporting sales and marketing.

  • Carbon Wise offers carbon footprint calculation at a special price of 25% off for Code from Finland members. The benefit is aimed at ICT service companies.
  • The base price for carbon footprint calculation for members is €2000. Confirm the price when placing an order.
  • Mention your membership when placing an order. The benefit is valid indefinitely.

Konsepto’s Website Accessibility Audit

Accessibility means making the digital environment barrier-free. According to a WHO report, about 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability, and many others need accessibility due to age, illness, or similar reasons. Ensuring the accessibility of your website increases your target audience and promotes equality in the digital society.

  • Konsepto offers a 15% discount on the accessibility audit of the website of a member company or a product of a member company.
  • The audit includes an expert evaluation, testing with a screen reader and keyboard, correction instructions, an audit report, and an accessibility statement. The normal price of the service depends on the scope of the site.
  • The discount applies to one site per member. The discount does not apply to online services, web applications, mobile applications, or similar. The discount cannot be combined with other campaigns or discounts.
  • Mention your membership when placing an order. The benefit is valid indefinitely.

Digiaargh’s Content Writing

Marketing communication needs in companies are continuous: websites, newsletters, and social media channels always need more content. Blog articles and customer reference texts are important tools for visibility, convincing potential customers, and serving existing customers.

  • Digiaargh offers member companies a 10% discount on: a) a trial offer for the first single ordered blog article or customer reference text b) a package offer for five blog articles or customer reference texts.
  • The discount cannot be combined with other campaigns or discounts.
  • Order texts at Mention your membership when placing an order. The benefit is valid indefinitely.

PunaMusta’s Carbon-Neutral Print Products

Every step taken for the environment is significant, and choosing a carbon-neutral print product is a concrete action to mitigate climate change. PunaMusta grants members a 10% discount on orders for carbon-neutral print products.

  • Print product orders are made through PunaMusta Oy’s customer service, Mention that you are a member of Code from Finland when placing an order.
  • This benefit does not apply as an additional discount to the prices of print product agreements that may already be in force with the member company.
  • The benefit is valid indefinitely.

Ticket Benefits

Reduced fees or free admission for various events (such as Blue Arrow Awards, ScanAgile, Virtual Reality Nordic, React Finland, Digital Oulu).