Finnish code is known for its superior quality.
Now it can be easily recognized.

We all code in Finland

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Code from Finland symbol makes it easier for people to find companies which develop their software in Finland. By choosing a Company that has Code from Finland symbol, you can trust that your service is being developed in Finland. You’ll have leading experts in their respective fields working with you.

The symbol also makes it easier for you to recognize software products which have been developed in Finland.

Janne Kalliola / Koodia Suomesta Ry


Why “Code from Finland” symbol?

We are proud coding craftsmen and -women, and think it is important to recognize the quality of the code we produce.

We utilize commercial or open source components and/or platforms, which aren’t from Finland?

This is standard in software development, as long as customer or product specific code is developed in Finland.

We have people from foreign countries working with us in Finland, can we still use the symbol?

Of course!

Is it completely forbidden to utilize people not living in Finland?

Sometimes it’s feasible to use foreign consultants to achieve the best possible results, in case for example some special expertise is not available in Finland. If customers are always informed which part of the programming work is done abroad, this does not prevent utilizing the sign. Nevertheless, majority of the code always has to be implemented in Finland.

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