Student awards

We need future professionals so that the Finnish software industry can continue to grow and evolve. To support future professionals, Code from Finland offers student awards to middle school and high school students who have achieved technological accomplishments. Student awards can be granted to any technological achievement in any subject.


Student awards are intended for:

• 7th to 9th grade students

• High school and IB students

• Vocational school students

• Secondary level students

… who have demonstrated interest and/or success in the field of information technology in any subject.

Student awards can be applied for by teachers at educational institutions. Due to conflicts of interest, student awards cannot be applied for by family members.

Applying for a student award

Apply for a Code from Finland student award for a student by filling out the application form. If you want to apply for multiple awards for the same school, please fill out a separate form for each.

Submit your application by 17th of May 2024. Briefly describe in your application why this particular recipient should be awarded.

The Code from Finland board will make the selection of student awards.

Student award

The student award is a 50 euro electronic gift card to