About Us

By bringing together software companies of all sizes and shapes, our association contributes to Finnish society and promotes the appreciation of software development in Finland and abroad. We also unite professionals and newcomers across the country. The Code from Finland symbol helps to identify software products and services developed in Finland. 

The significance of software business is steadily increasing, and this fact should be reflected in political decision-making at all levels of society. The turnover of Finnish software business in 2018 was EUR 9.3 million, and the sector provided employment for 53,468 people in 6,712 companies (source: Sector report for the software sector for 2020, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland).

The Code from Finland association was founded in 2015 to promote the Code from Finland symbol. Over time, we have evolved into an independent and authoritative body representing the software sector in Finland. We collaborate with various organisations in society, provide our members with opportunities for cooperation, and promote issues that we find important.

Our main themes are specified annually, but we systematically work for the general visibility and appreciation of, and cooperation within, the software sector. On 11 November, we celebrate the Day of Finnish Code and give out the Award for Promoting Finnish Code.

We have almost 250 companies and organisations as members, consisting of traditional software development businesses, product-driven specialised companies, and digital marketing and SaaS companies, as well as conglomerates and colleges. Come and join in!

You can buy our merchandise from our online shop. New membership fees are payable via Holvi.


In Finland, we develop the best code in the world. Our country boasts a long tradition of technological development, as well as democracy and equality. We are a modest nation despite the fact that our education, competence, work ethic, language skills, and international reputation are of top quality. This is something we want to prevail.

Digitalisation is a global issue. In order to maintain our well-being, we have to be at the spearhead of this evolution. There is code everywhere, and the significance of coding as a profitable sector in the Finnish national economy is growing, as are our opportunities to export it. In Finland, we have all that it takes to adopt the role of determined global pioneers, including when it comes to workplace well-being and corporate culture. This takes ambition, shared lessons and collaboration, both between and within sectors.

We at Code from Finland wish to persistently improve Finnish society and attitudes, and boldly utilise the potential that information technology offers to our country. Our chosen method is collaboration, building anew and looking to the future. Our objectives are to:

  • develop Finnish software development competence in order to safeguard our welfare state
  • encourage collaboration and organise opportunities for networking
  • promote equality and utilise everyone’s competence potential by encouraging underrepresented groups to enter the field
  • improve the competitive edge of Finnish software business and the use of Finnish software both domestically and globally